Attribute Description

Virtuemart 1.1

Attribute Description is a component that adds pop-up descriptions to a product's Advanced Attributes in a Virtuemart e-store.  Do you need to explain what an attribute means or display a picture to your shoppers?  Attribute Description does exactly that in a nice JavaScript pop-up box.  Your shoppers will love the extra help and you will love the extra SALES!




Features Include

  • Add a pop-up description to any Advanced Attribute
  • Include images in the description
  • Simple interface to create and edit descriptions
  • Site Wide descriptions -- Apply a description to an Attribute across the entire site
  • Category Specific descriptions -- Apply an attribute description just to the attributes in one category
  • Product Specific descriptions -- Apply an attribute description to just one product
    • Include child products -- apply description to all the child products of a parent product.
    • Exclude child product -- exclude description from all the child products of a parent product.
  • GNU/GPL Licensed. Attribute Description can be installed on as many sites as you like and the source code can be modified.

Attribute Description is NOT a hack. There are no changes to the core Virtuemart code.  However, there is one minor code change needed in the template.

Attribute Description with Image :: Attribute Description allows both text and images in the decriptions   Attribute Description with Text Only :: Attribute Description allows text to be format any way that Joomla supports   Attribute Description Backend :: View all your decriptions in one easy to manage place   Attribute Description Backend :: Edit your descriptions in an easy to use GUI editor 


$10 USD buys immediate access to the page where the Attribute Description extension can be downloaded.  Updates are included for a period of 6 months or up to 10 downloads, whichever comes first.

Get Attribute Descriptions

$10 USD